Land Use and Water Resources Research
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Land Use and Water Resources Research is a web-based journal devoted to the water resource, ecological, economic, climate change, socio-economic, policy and sustainable development issues related to land use. A particular aim of the journal is to connect better science and policy so that management solutions can be found which take into account the competing demands for land uses which are both productive, which sustain peoples livelihoods, which deliver conservation, amenity, recreation and environment/ecology (CARE) products and which also provide water with the quality and quantity we require for sustainable development.

The journal is freely available to anyone who wishes to access it over the World Wide Web. You may read it on screen or print out sections to read later by using Adobe Acrobat hyperlink reader software to access the downloadable .pdf files.

An international Editorial Board ensures that the journal has both international recognition and that the journal contents are of the highest quality. LUWRR publishes material with an exceedingly short turnaround time, subject only to the constraints imposed by the necessary peer reviewed quality assurance procedures. For ease of reference, there are yearly 'volumes', subdivided into 'parts' which will be released as soon as the contents have been through the editing process, at approximately 3-monthly intervals.Registered subscribers to LUWRR (Register) will be notified automatically when new material has been uploaded on the site.

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Venus Internet Publications are the publishers of the Journal and reserve copyright on all material published on the LUWRR site.

Administrative and internet publishing costs of LUWRR are met by sponsorship from both development and academic organisations and through page charges (which will be waived for developing country organisations).

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Managing Editor: Ian R Calder
Production Editor: Celia Kirby

International Editorial Board:

Sampurno Bruijnzeel Hydrology, Ecology, Development
Free University, Holland

Peter Dye Forest hydrology, Ecology

Thomas Giambelluca Climate impacts, Erosion
University of Hawaii, USA

Tom Hatton Hydrology, Development
CSIRO, Australia

Daniel Murdiyarso Environmental policy
Deputy Minister for the Environment, Indonesia

Chin Ong Hydrology, Agroforestry, Development
ICRAF, Kenya

Jim Smyle Development, Policy, Hydrology
World Bank, USA

Ashvin Gosain Hydrology, Climate change, Geoinformatics
IIT Delhi, India


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